The Workshop "Voguls" offers

A tour for individuals, groups and families  

We speak Latvian and Russian, no interpreting into English available!

The tour includes:

    • The master demonstrates and explains the process of pottery making;
    • An insight into the history of Latgalian ceramics and nowadays tendencies; 
    • An opportunity to see the largest ceramic kiln in Latgale; 
    • An opportunity to try hand in pottery making (in a wheel) under the guidance of the potter; 
    • An opportunity to see approximately 300 ready-made ceramic items and to buy some of them.

    We also offer:
    • Upon previous appointment to join the firing process (which takes part only several times a year); the temperature reaches 1000 degrees Celsius (the firing is carried out in line with ancient Latgalian traditions);
    • To join the process when pottery is taken out from the kiln; the kiln contains approximately 250 items;
    • Latest information concerning firing or other events could be found on our Facebook page.

    You are welcome to visit our Workshop 7 days per week! 

    The only precondition is to arrange your visit in advance (at least one day before your planned visit) 
    Call us at +371 29926376 (+WhatsApp) or send an e-mail: