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    We, the Voguls family, are one of the most remarkable Latgalian ceramists. We kindly invite you to get acquainted with our works of art.You are also always welcomed at our workshop “Voguls”, where we are working altogether. Each day there are created unique clay objects – different pots, vases, mugs and dishes, as well as candlesticks and whistles. We are working by using both techniques – the colorful ceramics and the black ceramics. We express our craftsmanship creating traditional Latgalian forms of ceramics, supplementing them with our own style and design which definitely distinguishes us among other craftsmen.       

The Workshop "Voguls"

Voldemārs Voguls uzbūvē savu cepli un darbnīcu "Ceplīšos" 1976. gadā. Jau daiļrades sākumā piesaka sevi kā formās skaidru, rotājumos nepārblīvētu, kolorītā izteiksmīgu keramiķi un izkopj savu radošo rokrakstu, tālākajos gados to spilgtinot un pilnveidojot. 

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  • The master shows the process of throwing;
  • An insight into the history of Latgalian ceramics and today's tendencies; 
  • Visitation of the largest ceramic kiln in Latgale; 
  • An opportunity to try hand in throwing under the guidance of potter..

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